Of Forces & Destinies

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I’ve finally received a copy of Fantasy Flight Games’ Force & Destiny core rule book. (Pictured below right in my own lap)  I’ve had copies of their earlier works, i.e. Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion however my gaming group and I never really connected well with either. I am not certain what makes me believe that this will be a different experience but perhaps it will be my enthusiasm or perhaps the Force-focused nature of the game that will finally engaged us for many game sessions to come. So, now for the call to action. Anyone out there already playing this game?  What are your thoughts on it?  What materials would you suggest I use to ease game play and to keep everyone fully engaged in each session?  Thanks in advance!

new book!

The Grimm Scare Bears

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Here follows my new adventure for the family’s Grimm game. I hope you enjoy it!
The adventure begins with the kids in the small village along the Rioting River where they have taken their horse companion to see the local doctor for care. While waiting for the recovery, the kids will hear from local children about a rash of break-ins they attributed to the boogie man, ‘Old man Logan got so scared that he went mad and ran off into the forest never to be seen again.’ and ‘Mayor Shin’s daughter don’t talk no more ever since she saw the boogie man. Librarian Miss Kamelia won’t go back to the library since she thinks it is haunted insisting that the books come to life in the night! She won’t say much else about it.’
Since the last event the town library has been boarded, shut and closed down. Some of the townspeople swear they’ve seen either a green light coming from the building or heard the occasional loud crackling noise coming from within.
General store owner Griffo says all his apples were eaten one night leaving nothing but the empty barrel filled with apple cores. ‘Swears he saw Farmer Largo scarecrows what did it and skeered the heck out of him!
As it turns out the kids’ injured horse companion needs the curative properties associated with apples grown in this area though none are now found due to the activities of the terror bears.
Encounter One:  The players come into contact with the local townspeople and learn their stories.  Characters can use socialize checks to learn details from the townsfolk.  The players can follow any number of leads to determine what and where the menace is.
Daytime at the library: If visited during the day, the Scare Bears will be sleeping and the PCs may attempt to surprise them if they’re quiet enough.  The library will be in shambles with books spread everywhere along the floor and tables, with apple cores and other rotting food strewn about the place.
Forest encounter:  If the kids follow the apple cores trailing from the general store they will have to use notice to track the bears.  Failure  means they will encounter one of the forest’s evil denizens, a malevolent tree.
Night time in the library encounter:  The Scare Bears will now be aware of the intruders and will use denizens of the various books lying about the place to terrorize the kids such as Dracula Frankenstein, Captain Ahab from Moby Dick, the headless horseman from Sleepy Hollow, etc.  Short of  these, the bears will prey upon the kids’ own personal fears using their telepathic powers to bring to life the nightmares from the children’s worst dreams.
There you go!  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Until then, happy gaming!

This section is quite good. The skill list is manageable though it could use even further refinement. The descriptive text and suggested uses of each skill is interesting even inspiring though a bit verbose. Don’t ask me how many skill points each character receives or how many bonuses she might use in a given situation, however. 

Barbarian Rage and other legal terms

I’m just on page 32 of this game bible and I can already note that I am just going to have to skim through the entire player class section. The exceptional abilities paragraphs read like much of what the U.S. Code is and it is extremely frustrating to read through. 

At first blush the super powers appear very cool and power gamers of the world I can imagine would be salivating at the chance to employ them during game play. However, when taking into account all of the exceptions, terms of use, time-bound restrictions, etc. these abilities diminish greatly as desirable objects of play. Further, as a game master I would hardly have time, interest or the patience to stay current on every single Ex or Su. 

Next chapter!


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Dawn of Defiance – Episode V (IV): Echoes of the Jedi, part I

Synopsis:  The scenic route to Echoes of the Jedi, alternative strategies for running First to Strike

The R2 Mail

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Contact Information:
Tel. 1-716-217-1934
Convention Updates
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  • Buffalo Infringement Festival
    • Rakatta Riddle in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens era
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    • Moppo pick up game on Wednesday evening!
    • Rakatta Riddle in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens era, Friday
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  • QCC
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Sirona’s Sauna

  • The last session to discuss BBoy212’s question regarding session management and homebrew adventure writing
    • What’s the motivation for your player characters?

Short Jumps with Mayday Malone

  • Mayday Malone discusses his experiences on Roonadan!

Live Play Begins…

  • Ryloth.  A Star Destroyer approaches…
  • Admiral Varth introduces the Inquisitorius in his briefing
  • The heroes are sent after Inquisitor Draco to learn more about the Sarlacc project
  • Varth warns that the characters are not to engage in any overt violent, activity
  • Tor requests an audience with Jedi Master Denia in order to receive counsel on the actions of his colleagues
  • She recommends that he lead by example and that he protects the innocent but that he temper his approach with Kelyn
  • Moppo names his starfighter, “The Top Hat”, in honor of his pilot mentor
  • Modifications to the ship are discussed.  An ion cannon considered.
  • The inscriptions written concerning the ship’s engine is alien to all members of the team
  • Tor reaches into the Force and gets a glimpse of Kelyn’s father working on the mysterious engine
  • Garrett introduces the planet Ryloth to the group

A Random Entry from the GM’s Datapad

Garrett introduces Power Cards inspired by Echoes of the Jedi

Live Play Continues…

  • The Defiant approaches the planet and encounters docking control.
  • The Spelljammer makes its approaches and attempts to declare ‘recreational’ purposes for visting Ryloth
  • Kelyn poses as a Southerner in order enter into Ryloth space
  • A landing site is negotiated and the team make preparations to disembark
  • A dancing tauntaun wearing a blue top hat?
  • Tor announces the true purpose of their visit to the docking official
  • Sweet-talkin’ the Kochak Skill Challenge is entered into
  • The customs agent insists on entering into the ship
  • Kelyn and company attempt to prove their importance to the customs official
  • Kochak insists that he and his team remain on the ship as security
  • Kelyn has a private discussion with the team to determine their next move
  • Kochak demands 1,000 credits
  • The scoundrel pilot and his confreres propose a gamble in order to cover the fees

Garrett introduces Platt’s Starship Guide as inspiration for your Star Wars game

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The System Mechanic has been hard at work transforming the appearance of my first published adventure module for Mutant Future, Gamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, (insert your favorite post-apocalyptic science fantasy game here).  Please do the maniacal robot a favor and have a look at his latest handiwork…or else…

DriveThruRPG Link eBook only

Lulu.com Link eBook and in print at an introductory discounted price!


Wow. That’s a ridiculously huge sword. The line between fantastic and ludicrous has just been crossed. 

Wherein the ‘anything goes’ approach to multiclassing rubs me the wrong way.  I guess I’m too old school. 

Reading through Pathfinder X

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Finally found something likeable. The character advancement chart. Flexible options. The fast track is great for groups that don’t meet quite as often as others or for the GM whose stories demand quick progression to the more powerful levels. 

Wow. The author has not a lot of good to write about humankind. Apparently, in this game they tend towards judgementalism, racism and worse.  Ready to play one?  Anyone?

Seriously. Too much information for a game. I think we could have figured it out without the bluntness.